After Gateway works hard to ensure that our participants not only spend time with their peers within our program, but that they also have the opportunity to be members of the community outside of After Gateway.

Community involvement and integration result in improved quality of life for our participants by giving them exposure to people, places, and experiences they would not otherwise get. Additionally, participants experience stronger self-esteem by participating in these activities. This also leads to an increased sense of independence by allowing full access to the community. The more our participants are out in the community, the more we increase community awareness of our program - and, more importantly, the more the community learns about the populations we serve. Going on outings increases community integration which, in turn, facilitates understanding and acceptance of individuals with severe disabilities.

Community outings include both destinations and events. For example outings have included trips to the Greensboro Science Center, museums, going to the movies, trips to Celebration Station, an airport tour, bowling, riding the "Santa" train, shopping and outings to play pool.

After Gateway works to set up volunteer opportunities for participants who wish to give back to their community. Additionally, we partner with UNCG and other local colleges and universities to allow students to volunteer in our program. For more information about Community Involvement and Advocacy, see our Resources section.