After Gateway - a Typical Day

Each day starts with the "plan."

A Typical Day at After GatewayParticipants who are able to do so will help plan the activities of the day, incorporating their personal goals, and selecting group activities. Goals are developed through person-centered planning. A person-centered service plan/habilitation plan will be drawn up by the individual, family members, guardians, and After Gateway staff. The service plan is reviewed at least quarterly by staff, and families/guardians are consulted as necessary if goals need to be revised or discontinued.

Staff will participate in the development of the individualized service plan along with the care coordinators, care workers, family members, and the participant. The plan will outline specific goals and therapeutic activities to ensure maintenance of previously acquired skills and development of new skills; maintenance of health and levels of awareness and responsiveness; and community involvement. The plan also will specify days and hours of attendance at the program, as well as the type of service(s) provided.

After Gateway's activities focus on the needs of each of our participants. Each individual we serve has his or her own personalized plan of service that details specific goals and activities for that individual. Additionally, we offer group activities, including outings, special events, arts and crafts, music therapy, educational programming, and more. Outings include both destinations and events. Special events include things like birthday parties, our community holiday party and bell choir concert, cookouts, and field days. Our educational programming includes math/money skills, computer skills, personal hygiene skills, time management, current events, and more.

The health care coordinator, along with the RN supervisor (if necessary), will develop and administer the individual's health plan as part of the overall service plan.

On the first day of attendance each applicant must be accompanied by a family member or caregiver to aid in the transition process.
Participants may attend on a full-time or part-time schedule. Each applicant attends for a three-month trial period. All applicants will be evaluated during the three-month trial period to assess the appropriateness of the program in meeting their needs. If the program does not appear to be able to meet the needs of the individual, After Gateway staff will assist in locating a program more appropriate to his/her needs (if available).