Activities at After Gateway

Activities at After GatewayAfter Gateway's activities focus on the needs of each of our participants. Each individual we serve has his or her own personalized plan of service that details specific goals and activities for that individual. Additionally, we offer group activities, including outings, special events, arts and crafts, music therapy, educational programming, and more. Outings include both destinations and events. Special events include things like birthday parties, our community holiday party and bell choir concert, cookouts, and field days. Our educational programming includes math/money skills, computer skills, personal hygiene skills, time management, current events, and more.

Regular activities include:

  • Exercise, including range of motion
  • Community outings
  • Group games and activities, including playing the Nintendo Wii
  • Community volunteer opportunities with Presbyterian Church of the Covenant and City of Greensboro
  • Arts and crafts activities
  • Holiday socials and special events, including sports fun day, water activities day, etc.
  • Reading groups
  • Individualized sensory stimulation program
  • Daily computer skills
  • Bi-monthly music therapy