After Gateway Leadership Team



Program Director: Jane Maydian


Chief Financial Officer: Glenda Selman



Board of Directors

The organization is run by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors ensures the stability and continued growth of the organization by overseeing finances, operations, fundraising and grants, public relations, program policies, and long-range planning. Each Board member serves as an advocate of the program, by supporting both the mission and the vision of the organization. Board meetings are held on the third Thursday in January, March, May, August, October, and December at the After Gateway offices. Committees include:

  • Marketing and Communications, responsible for the newsletter and other external communications, public relations activities, promoting the organization to the community at large, and recruiting participants.
  • Finance and Fundraising, responsible for identifying specific financial needs of the organization, and developing and managing fundraising projects.
  • Program, responsible for ensuring the quality of the program, and personnel and program policies.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, or in volunteering for one of our committees, please contact us at or 336-379-7670.

Board of Directors Members

Sherrie Wyrick


Chair, Executive Commitee

Parent and Advocate


Vice Chair

Chair, Program Committee


Mary Ealley


Owner, GSO Printing and Parent

Stan Atwell Treasurer Attorney and CPA
Paula Cox Fishman At-Large Disability Rights Advocate
Karen Price Chair, Marketing/Communications Committee Parent and Advocate
Hendal Price At-Large Parent and Advocate
Peter Delos At-Large Parent and Advocate